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The original Fuertegoat is the official symbol of the island of Fuerteventura, such as the kangaroo in Australia or the elk from Sweden. No visit to Fuerteventura is complete without a visit to one of the New Territory Fuerteventura shops, home of the Fuertegoat.

Besides our own Fuertegoat brand we stock clothes and accessories
of trendsetting labels.
Have a look at our offer or come and visit us at one of our exclusive shops,
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Our shops

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The Fuertegoat exists since 1996 but our shops on the island of Fuerteventura started much earlier than that.
Our shops are well known all over the island as the Fuertegoat shops and are conveniently located in the most popular and busy areas of town.

We pride ourselves on our good quality fabrics and designs and even customers with great demands will find the right thing in our shops.
Our clothes are exclusively sold via this website and in our three shops on the island. Please go to the CONTACT section of this site or click here to find the exact locations of our retail shops.


Beiges Fuertegoatshirt

Fuertegoat provides fun, casual sports and streetwear for men, women and kids as well as accessories and souvenirs. Classic and favourites always stay in store, although every season we have new designs to complement the basic collection. Come and visit us to see what is new in store.

The Fuertegoat

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The island of Fuerteventura is home to a large number of goats and has traditionally been called Goat Island. It is said that up to the early 90s, more goats than people lived on the island. These animals are mainly free roaming, and once a year all shepherds get together on one designated day to herd them together and identify the new ones with a chip. Even the capital of Fuerteventura, today known as Puerto del Rosario, was called Puerto Cabras (Port of Goats) for many years. If you have been on the island, you will have noticed the many goats that seem to be freely walking around. This is where the idea for the Fuertegoat came from. Although the New Territory shops already exist a lot longer, the first Fuertegoat was born in 1996 and has since become the official symbol of the island of Fuerteventura. Since then, the Fuertegoat has been featured in magazines, newspapers and on national television.


New Territory Fuerteventura

Avda. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen , 38
35660 Corralejo / Fuerteventura
Tel.+34 928535037

Terra Nova

Avda. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen, 66
Tindacenter Local 6
35660 Corralejo / Fuerteventura
Tel. +34 928867667

Terra Nova

Avda. del Saladar
C.C. El Saladar Local 6
35625 Solana del Matorral
Morro Jable / Fuerteventura
Tel. +34 928540787

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New Territory SCP
Avda.Ntra Sra. del Carmen, 38
35660 Corralejo / Fuerteventura
Tel. +34 928535037
Email: new-territory@wanadoo.es

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Registered Trade Mark

CAUTION: The Fuertegoat is the official brand of the goat from Fuerteventura and is registered as logo and brand internationally. Nevertheless, it is frequently copied and sold elsewhere. These are illegal copies and they will be prosecuted. Please make sure that you do not buy these as you will be supporting illegal commercial activity and that you only buy from our official Fuertegoat shops or approved online retailer.